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You may have noticed that we are rather passionate about wine at Sugar Boat. In fact, we are so enthusiastic about the subject that not only do we offer a huge range of wines on our list for you to enjoy whilst visiting us, we also have all our wines available for you to browse and take away to appreciate in the comfort of your own home!

Through our extensive (and fun!) research and tastings, we have chosen a stock of great wines; accessible options to sumptuous selections, Old World to New; from across the globe. Whether you are unsure of your Pinot Noir from your Pinotage or are an aspiring sommelier in your spare time, our crew are on hand to explain flavour notes, pass on tips and share their own favourites. So, if you are seeking that perfect something to sip at your leisure or a paired assortment of wines to present at a dinner party you plan to host, the crew at Sugar Boat are here to help you!